Hi. I’m Fernando Jerez from Canary Islands (Spain). Computer Science Engineer actually working as a computer science teacher and passionate about generative art and all kind of weird and creative stuff.

I’ve been drawing with code since I was a kid. In 2010 I started using Processing and since then I’ve made dozens of ‘experiments’ that eventually became real projects.

Some of my procgen work

The Beginning

Late 80’s/early 90’s  and a kid with an 8-bit computer and a BASIC book.

I graduated from university as a software engineer and worked a few years in web development. In 2009 I started working as a teacher.

During that time, made some (never published) procedural ‘experiments’ with different technologies such Flash, OpenGL, Directx. But I really started to have real fun when I discovered Processing. Finally an easy way to draw with code without messing with low-level libraries and overkill IDEs.


+10 years doing ‘experiments’ with Processing, i’m also using Processing to teach structured programming and Object Oriented Programming to my students.

Not much has been published before 2016. In 2017 I made a Twitter bot that runs Processing in my computer and posts pictures generated by some of my old sketches. (the bot is no longer running)

Link to the Twitter bot: https://twitter.com/FerjerezTheBot/

3D printing

2016 was the year when I jumped into 3D printing and I’ve published a lot of designs, many of them procedurally generated. 


Procedural designs are compiled in this collection:


Some of my personal favorite projects:

Procedural buildings using a WaveFunctionCollapse algorithm (made with Processing)


Here’s a Twitter thread showing how it works: https://twitter.com/ferjerez3d/status/1203294375666737152?s=20 

WFC algorithm again but for abstract structures (named ‘loops’).


Marble-run generator (see this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/ferjerez3d/status/1233729371741048832?s=20 )

Procedural low-poly vases 

Plastic reef is a set of procedural designs related to subaquatic life.

I am especially proud of ‘Spores’ , which was a 3D printing project in collaboration with Fillamentum and some makers of the 3D printing community..

Finally, ‘Procedural Cities series’ it’s a bunch of different collections with randomly generated city-like structures.


I’ve started with P5js recently. I love Processing but since Java is no longer available in browsers many of my new projects will be written in Javascript.

Published a few sketches in my Twitter profile that are hosted in https://www.fernandojerez.com . It’s in my TO-DO list to set up a decent landing page in my domain but actually I’m only using it for hosting some scripts and experiments to share on Twitter.

Hitomezashi pattern editor: http://fernandojerez.com/hitomezashi/

Jigsaw designer: http://fernandojerez.com/pixeljigsaw/

Mandala Generator: http://fernandojerez.com/mandalomatic/ 

Free Game: KosmikRun

In January 2021, I made this game for a Game Jam. I’m including it here only because it was made with Processing using some procgen techniques.  It was an intense 5 days project that finally won the Jam 🙂


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