DEFRAG Trilogy

How the machine took over our lives


It was born as a spark and colonized our bodies

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Enlightment seems close but it was a mirage

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We forgot how it started. Take the pill to kill the pain

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Coloring may be sometimes slightly different in Firefox or Chromium browsers (Edge, Chrome, Opera…). Let’s assume Chromium browsers are the canonical design.

The Trilogy

‘DEFRAG Trilogy’ invites you to think about how your life has changed since technology touched you.

Based on same pattern-generation algorithm, each collection explores different compositions, coloring methods and some extra elements to invoke different feelings on the viewer.

Images on this document are screenshots taken on development stages. They are not minted NFTs

#1 Inked

Inked represents the first contact with the machine and how it can become a painful experience but it stays with us all our lives.

#2 Neonphobia

Fooled by the neon lights, you think you’re in control, but it was an illusion.

#3 Innocence

You don’t remember how it started but you are doomed to live in your new glass cage.

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