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A collection of automatized random mandala-ish generator based on this browser toy that I made a few years ago.

These pieces are not images or videos, but a Javascript code that runs in your browser.

Each piece tooks about 30 seconds – 1 minute to render.

You will contemplate a smooth animation with the process of creation of the final.

The algorithm allows a big range of variations.

Sample outputs

Some of the pieces generated on development stage:

And a big collage showing 100 test pieces.

Stencil mode:

Pressing key ‘S’ swaps between colored and stencil mode.

Stencil mode could be useful for printing and enjoy coloring by hand.

Export images.

Pressing key ‘E’ you will download a PNG image.

You can even save an image before the design is completed.

Some images take on different moments for the same figure.

Not much more to say about this.

I hope you like it.

Have fun.


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