‘Divisions’ series explores the beauty of geometry and mathematical art through generative art.

These pictures have been created by custom algorithms made from scratch.

Based on a ‘recursive subdivision’ technique, the algorithm draw shapes in different sizes and proportions until all the canvas is fully filled.

Playing with different compositions, shapes, palettes or textures, this technique can create a nice variety of final artworks.

Four curated outputs of the algorithm have been selected for this collection.

#1 Alien Tapestry

‘Alien Tapestry’ emulates the colours and textures of old rugs and tapestries with some sci-fi vibes.

#2 Balance

‘Balance’ uses shapes that suggest balance and peace, such as the classic Ying-Yang symbol. Symmetry is broken by mixing circles and rectangles.

#3 Stained Glass

‘Stained Glass’ is reminiscent of the stained glass windows of cathedrals or churches. Intricate geometry with a bright, luminous look.

#4 Pencil Obsession

‘Pencil Obsession’ is a child’s dream with a pencil case and a blank canvas. Intricate shapes with a hand drawn look.

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