Stations Origins

What's this?

Related to Stations, my very first NFT project on Artblocks, these are a curated selection of 100 renders from the original project (never released) made in 2011 using Processing + SunFlow.

These NFTs are a gift for the Stations owners and people who supported my project.

All this stuff has been buried in a backup drive for years and now it's time to release it.


Thanks to everyone who supported my Stations project.

Sample image. Renders are 3000x3000pixels size.

How it works?

The first 10 stations will be given directly to some people who helped and supported me in what was my very first NFT collection Stations.


Every day will post the winner in my Twitter profile @ferjerez3d with the tag #stationsorigins

See the Stations Origins collection on Opensea


Starting on March 1st, for the next 90 days, I will give away one a day.

Using the Station Playground, I will choose a random Station and the owner will receive one of these NFTS.

No matter if you just bought your station 5 minutes before or if you minted on launch. You can even get several if you're lucky.

Note: Due to the crazy Gas price movements, I will transfer the NFTs to winners when Gas is at a reasonable price, please, be patient.

Winner list

For the sake of transparency, this is the list of stations gifted, date and wallet address.

Stations Origins collection on Opensea

First 10 Stations will be sent directly to some special people. Giveaway starts March 1st.

Good luck!

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The full collection

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